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Workers' Compensation, Construction Accidents, Third Party Claims, Immigration Issues In Workers’ Compensation

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, and led by experienced attorney Crystal Rios Ramos, Rios Law Firm handles legal matters related to Workers' Compensation, Construction Accidents, Third Party Claims, and Immigration Issues in Workers' Compensation. Arizona's no-fault workers' compensation system entitles industrial workers, construction workers, and other workers to receive compensation for injuries received on the job regardless of the cause. However, in some cases, the employees and their insurance companies may try to avoid paying you the full benefits you deserve. That is where we come in. Our law firm will provide you with personalized legal assistance to make sure that you are well-compensated for the injuries you sustained at the workplace. We will explain to you how the settlement process works and what the requirements are to obtain workers' compensation. We will also deal with your employer's insurance company on your behalf and see to it that they don't take any undue advantage of you. If your injuries on the job are due to a third party, we will help you to prove the third party's negligence to take things forward and get you the proper compensation. If you are an immigrant worker, your immigration status does not preclude you from receiving benefits for work-related injuries. We will work with you to protect your rights, recover your wages, and to get coverage for your medical expenses. We are fully committed to representing workers in need and, once you hire us, you only need to concern yourself with recovering from your injuries as soon as possible. We will take care of all the legal requirements. For more information about our legal services, please visit us at and

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