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We exclusively handle private disability claims for professionals and have a proven track record of success in this industry.

Comitz | Beethe is a nationally recognized disability insurance law firm that exclusively handles private disability claims for professionals—primarily physicians, dentists, corporate executives and attorneys. We have a proven track record of success, and are dedicated to securing and protecting the benefits our clients are entitled to under their policies. We have handled and litigated claims against all of the major carriers, and are a known quality in this specialized industry. We use our experience to recognize and preempt insurers’ bad faith tactics and ensure that our clients’ claims are paid, and continue to be paid. For more information about the challenges professionals face when filing disability claims, please visit our website.

Our Attorneys

Derek Funk Photo

Derek Funk

Attorney Derek Funk advises physicians, dentists, attorneys, corporate executives and other professionals throughout all stages of the disability claim process.

Professionals’ disability claims are often unfairly targeted for denial, due to the high-dollar liability they create for disability insurance companies. Mr. Funk works closely with attorney Ed Comitz, and together they have developed a unique, results oriented approach to combat insurers’ bad faith tactics and secure and protect our professional clients’ rightful benefits.

Mr. Funk grew up in Logan, Utah, attended law school in Phoenix, Arizona, and now lives in Gilbert with his wife and daughter. While he enjoys the Arizona sun, he also travels back to Utah frequently to get out of the heat, visit family and, in the winter, hit the slopes and take advantage of the Utah snow.

Edward Comitz Photo

Edward Comitz

Attorney Ed Comitz’s entire practice focuses on helping professionals (most often physicians, dentists, attorneys and executives) overturn and avoid disability claim denials. He and his law firm have built one of the largest and most successful disability practices in the country.

Comitz | Beethe’s disability practice is unique, in that it has been singularly dedicated to professionals’ “own occupation” disability claims from the very start. Ed initially became interested in this area of the law in the 90’s, early on in his legal career. He became troubled by what was going on in the disability industry at the time, and recognized that the profit-driven culture was causing professionals’ high-dollar claims to be unfairly targeted for denial. He learned everything he could about the industry, the law and how the various insurance policies worked. He then began a series of relentless, hard-fought and successful battles to protect his clients’ benefits from bad faith tactics and to keep this billion-dollar industry in check.

Then, in 2000, Mr. Comitz suffered a severe neck/spinal injury. For a period of several months, he was in severe, intractable pain. He went from doctor to doctor looking for answers and relief, but his symptoms kept progressing to the point where he needed an emergency discectomy and fusion to avoid a serious risk of paralysis.

Fortunately, the surgery was a success and he was able to get back to his practice. Although this was a very difficult time for him, he views it as a positive experience. It further solidified his dedication to helping disabled professionals and gave him a unique, first-hand perspective of the challenges his clients face on a daily basis.

Through his experiences, both personally and professionally, Ed has earned the respect of disability insurers. Over his 25+ years of practicing in this highly specialized industry, he has learned the insurance companies’ playbook. He knows how they operate, and has developed relationships and credibility with in-house counsel and senior management at the major disability companies. He understands what it feels like to face a seriously limiting condition. And he has dedicated his practice to guiding professionals through the difficult transition out of practice and protecting them from insurers’ efforts to improperly deny or terminate their claims.

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