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The Kalfayan Law Firm concentrates its practice on consumer class actions brought against companies that maintain uniform policies or practices that violate consumer rights. Class actions are often the only way to get justice and satisfaction for people who have been harmed by corporate greed or unlawful practices. The favored remedy in civil lawsuits is a money damages award, but when the amount of damages is small, affected consumers can’t afford to bring a case by themselves. Class actions let plaintiffs bind together to take on bad actors and corporate giants. Without class actions, companies would continue their unlawful or negligent practices with impunity, knowing hardly anyone would bother to sue, and even if they did, the company could easily afford to pay any judgment levied against them. A judgment in a class action case, however, can be sizeable enough for even the largest corporation to take notice and change its reckless behavior.

Our Attorneys

Ralph Kalfayan Photo

Ralph Kalfayan

With over 32 years of experience, Ralph B. Kalfayan has a proven record of success in a variety of practice areas, including antitrust litigation, consumer class actions, business litigation and personal injury. Mr. Kalfayan has served as lead or liaison counsel and other significant leadership roles in a variety of class actions, including In Re Cipro I and II, JCCP 4154 and 4220 ($400 million settlement), In re Allergan, Civil Case Number 15-307 (C.D. Cal.) ($13.4 million settlement) and Dang v. National Football League Indirect Purchaser Antitrust litigation, Case No. 5:12-cv-5481-EJD (N.D. Cal.).

Mr. Kalfayan also serves as lead counsel for the Willis Class of landowners in the Antelope Valley Groundwater Cases, the largest California groundwater case to date. He secured a settlement with public water suppliers which preserved and protected the groundwater rights of the Class landowners against the public water suppliers’ claims of prescription. These achievements were lauded by Judge Jack Komar: “By eliminating the Public Water Suppliers’ prescription claims and maintaining correlative rights to portions of the Basin’s native yield, the Willis Class members achieved a large part of their ultimate goal – to protect their right to use groundwater in the future and to maintain the value of their properties….By virtue of the Willis Class Action…the Court is able to adjudicate the claims of virtually all groundwater users in the entire Antelope Valley which adheres to the benefit of every resident and property owner in the adjudication area.” In re Antelope Valley Groundwater Litigation, JCCP 4408, Los Angeles County Superior Court Case Number BC 391869.

Ralph B. Kalfayan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of San Diego in 1982. He was a member of the honors fraternity Beta Alpha Psi and graduated with honors. He received his Juris Doctor degree in 1985, and his Master of Laws degree with an emphasis in intellectual property in 2012 from University of San Diego School of Law.

Upon graduating from law school, Mr. Kalfayan first practiced law at the international firm of Arthur Andersen & Co. where Mr. Kalfayan served in the tax department, providing tax consulting and tax compliance services, as well as in the audit department, reviewing financial statements and helping issue audit opinions.

He then joined the law firm of Borton, Petrini & Conron in 1988 and became partner in 1991. Mr. Kalfayan specialized in business litigation in areas including real estate transactions, general commercial transactions, corporate work, partnership, contract disputes, large acquisitions, tax litigation and other consulting work. Mr. Kalfayan also handled a number of civil trials before a jury and several major appeals.

In August 1993, Mr. Kalfayan became Of Counsel at the Law Offices of James C. Krause, and in January 1994, he became a member of Krause & Kalfayan, which later became known as Krause Kalfayan Benink & Slavens. In June 2019, Mr. Kalfayan went on to create his own firm, The Kalfayan Law Firm, APC.

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