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Berliner Legal, P.C., can provide the litigation representation you need in these and many other cases in Orange County, CA. Matthew takes time to learn as much as possible about every client’s case to provide aggressive and client-focused representation through every phase of litigation. While most civil cases filed in the US settle outside of court, there is always a chance for a case to go to trial. If you are ready to discuss the benefits of experienced litigation and skillful trial representation, contact Berliner Legal, P.C., today.

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Matthew Berliner

Matthew BerlinerMatthew Berliner provides comprehensive litigation representation to Orange County, CA, clients in various legal practice areas, including commercial law, employment law, estate administration, probate litigation, intellectual property law, partnership disputes, business fraud, and much more. While many attorneys have some trial experience, few can claim to be experienced trial lawyers. Most civil cases filed in the US are settled outside of court, and most attorneys spend very little time in the courtroom. Matthew Berliner doesn’t shy away from the courtroom and instead prepares his cases to assume that they may eventually end in trial. Matthew is one of the most experienced Orange County litigation attorneys practicing today.

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