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Firm Overview
We are a plaintiff-only law firm dedicated to civil justice and committed to making a difference in the lives of people we help. To that end, we leave no stone unturned in getting justice for every claim, which makes us stand out as a trusted law firm consistently producing undisputed and stellar results. Our team comprises some of the most well-versed attorneys in the United States with expertise extraordinaire accumulated over decades of legal experience who ensure that every client gets the best that he or she deserves.
We understand that a claim is not just about financial compensation. Seeking justice and closure is also deeply important to a grieving family. This understanding helps us serve people better, constantly driving our best efforts toward achieving satisfactory results for our clients.
Firm Specialties
We have built up a strong reputation for excellence in practice areas like personal injury law, wrongful death suits, mass tort and class-action disputes, construction defects and premises liability litigation, medical malpractice, police misconduct, and business litigation. We believe in continuous learning and our specialties continue to expand while catering to multiple avenues of civil justice.
Firm Philosophy
Our Mission: At 855TrialLawyers, we uphold the dignity and self-worth of all citizens by helping them live respectable lives as defined by the American civil justice system. Our mission is to be recognized for excellence in the legal space while focusing our resources to consistently improve millions of American lives every day. In our endeavor to be a dynamic, client-focused law firm, we are committed to empowering each of our clients to take informed decisions by providing him or her with exemplary and ethical legal representation.

Our Vision: Our vision is to emerge as a leader in the legal services industry by providing a significant advantage to our clients in the realization of their legal needs through the unique application of innovative, consistent and dependable services. We aspire to preserve and promote the American civil justice system, encouraging an entrepreneurial approach to legal practice by attracting, retaining and nurturing exceptional talent in the industry.

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