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Quill & Arrow Law is a California litigation firm advocating on behalf of plaintiffs in personal injury and Lemon Law disputes, with a focus on the provision of truly personalized legal representation.

We founded Quill & Arrow with the intention of creating something different from the norm. In our view, the traditional law firm model — which succeeds on the back of a high volume of clients — does not lead to the best possible result for the client. By investing the time necessary to form a close collaborative relationship with each client, and to more thoroughly investigate their claims, we gain the insight necessary to not only “win” a case, but to maximize the potential recovery in doing so.

Law firms can execute a variety of case approaches with respect to their covered practice areas. Here at Quill & Arrow, we primarily represent clients in California Lemon Law and personal injury disputes — regardless of the practice area, however, we implement a rather aggressive strategy when it comes to litigation.

Unlike many of our contemporaries, we are willing and able to take a case all the way through to trial, if doing so is necessary to properly advocate for our client’s personal injury or Lemon Law rights. In fact, in handling Lemon Law cases, we are particularly aggressive in our approach — we do not waste any time with pre-litigation concerns (i.e., demand letters) and instead choose to immediately sue.

As a general rule, our experiences have taught us that this hyper-focused and aggressive approach puts the defendant in a vulnerable bargaining position and leads to a more favorable result. It is commonplace for the defendant to recognize their tactical predicament and choose to negotiate a reasonable settlement instead of dragging out the case.

Many firms would attempt this relentless litigation strategy if they were actually capable of doing so. Here at Quill & Arrow, our team is comprised of attorneys who cut their teeth on the challenges of trial work from an early stage in their career. By shouldering these responsibilities early and consistently, our attorneys are well-equipped to handle the dynamic and potentially combative nature of such litigation. This extensive litigation background has gifted us with steel nerves and a quiet confidence that forces defendants to engage our clients in a manner that more fairly contemplates the claims at-issue.

Our Attorneys

Jonathan Shirian Photo

Jonathan Shirian

Jonathan Shirian is a co-founder and managing partner at Quill & Arrow, LLP. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History in 2013 from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). He then received his Juris Doctor Degree in 2016 from Southwestern Law School. Jonathan is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of California and the California Superior Courts.

Prior to becoming the co-founder of Quill & Arrow, Jonathan was an associate at B&D Law Group, wherein he obtained experience in personal injury claims management as well as managing the post-settlement department. Jonathan learned the various ways of litigating a case from start to finish.

Jonathan’s transparent communicative skills, as exemplified through his major coursework and extracurricular involvement, has helped him excel in the area of Personal Injury. Such preparation has provided him with sound qualitative and quantitative logic that is required to excel in trial and litigation.

Jonathan is a relentless warrior who has succeeded and proven himself time and time again in the courtroom. He prides himself on his attentive concern to his clients health and big hearted approach to working with the injured and their families. He believes in going the distance for each and every client and is not afraid to put any case in front of a jury, making insurance companies pay up to deserving injury victims.

Kevin Jacobson Photo

Kevin Jacobson

Kevin Jacobson is one of the founders of Quill & Arrow LLP. He specializes in consumer protection (“lemon law”), personal injury, and business litigation. Mr. Jacobson has successfully litigated cases against big corporations in various facets of the legal industry and is passionate about bringing his clients’ justice.

Mr. Jacobson takes pride in providing clients with first-rate legal services through vigorous and dedicated representation. Mr. Jacobson has successfully litigated over 100 breach of warranty cases against Chrysler, General Motors, Jaguar/Land Rover, Ford, BMW, Hyundai and other manufactures. He is no stranger to “David and Goliath” like battles continues to fight when most lawyers stop.

In addition to representing consumers with defective cars, Mr. Jacobson has represented injured clients in personal injury matters relating to car accidents, slip and fall incidents, and security guard brutality.

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