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If you’re facing serious charges in the military, hiring a civilian military defense lawyer might be in your best interest. A court martial doesn’t just affect your future in the military but it also can have repercussions in your civilian life. You could lose your job, your rank, your military benefits and even your retirement if the case doesn’t go your way.

You do have the right to free representation offered through the military. However, military lawyers are often times inexperienced and overwhelmed with their caseloads. Serious cases need serious attention to reach the best outcome for your situation. That’s why consulting a civilian military lawyer for representation is the best option for many service members looking to save their reputations and their future livelihood.

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Aaron Meyer Law is wholly committed to turning the tables on the powerful entities that deny you justice. He works tirelessly to vindicate the rights of individuals wronged by others. When you team with Aaron Meyer, he puts the power back in your hands. Aaron Meyer is not interested in collecting participation ribbons or billable hours. When he takes your case, he takes it with a singular goal: to win.

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