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Injured plaintiffs generally choose option number one when it comes to retaining an attorney. This arrangement allows the attorney to not charge any fees unless they win your case. Litigation is expensive, as court appearances, filings, and expert witnesses can cost thousands of dollars. Consequently, the injured plaintiff cannot afford to pay any upfront costs. Discuss the costs of litigation with your attorney before you hire them.

Personal injury cases often result in high medical costs. Injuries can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills, ambulance fees, and doctor visits. Lawyers must also pay court filing fees, attend depositions, and create demonstrative evidence in order to prepare the case for trial. All legal fees incurred in these cases must be repaid at the end. However, most injury attorneys advance case expenses at zero interest. The amount you pay depends on the type of injury and its severity.

Other case expenses include medical records, police reports, and bills. Other expenses include certified mail, past claims history checks, criminal background checks, and photographs. Some attorneys bill their clients for these expenses. This can add up to hundreds of dollars over the course of the case. Further, the attorney may charge you for expert witness fees, medical conference fees, and the final medical report. Further, you may be asked to pay for the cost of travel and accommodations in addition to their fee.

A plaintiff may have to pay for the transcript of their testimony in court. Transcripts can cost anywhere from $2 to $4 per page, depending on the case's complexity. A few hundred dollars an hour can be spent on expert witnesses. Even more complex cases may require hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenses. The fees for these expenses can add up quickly, so preparing the case for trial should be done as early as possible.

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