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Sadri Law, P.C.

Sadri Regulation, PC, is a perceived innovator in migration regulation, with standing in the Narrows region for aiding workers that are managing the hardest of difficulties. US movement regulation is a muddled monster. To many, it seems like the law is intended to befuddle them, hurt them, and leave them feeling deserted and without trust. Be that as it may, this doesn't need to be the situation, Sadri Regulation is committed to assisting foreigners with dealing with these difficulties directly in a proactive, clear, and powerful way. You don't need to explore the intricacies of the general set of laws alone. All things considered, our customized legitimate arrangements guarantee that you have the strong help you really want to track down replies, reconnect with your family, protect yourself against misuse, and become an American resident.

There are many purposes behind someone needing to move to America. Maybe the most widely recognized reason is that a singular needs to be reconnected with their family, individuals from which have proactively made the excursion. Another normal situation is the spouse or husband of an American resident that needs to move. They might have gotten hitched while the unfamiliar individual was visiting America or while the American resident was visiting another country. Yet, they are hitched now, and they need to begin a family, and that implies remaining together. They pick America since there are numerous smart motivations to begin a family here.

In that last situation, a marriage visa would be an extraordinary decision. A marriage visa permits the companion of an American resident to head out to the US and get super durable residency. On the off chance that the life partner is now in America, a marriage visa isn't the most ideal choice. All things considered, they would hope to change their status as a green card holder. The specific particulars of the marriage, for example, how long two or three has been hitched, can assume a major part in the process too. For instance, an IR1 visa of time called a close relative visa is utilized in circumstances where an unfamiliar life partner has been hitched to an American resident for over two years when they enter America.

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Our Attorneys

Elham Sadri Photo

Elham Sadri

As the establishing lawyer of the San Jose-based movement law office Sadri Regulation, PC, Elham Sadri has gained notoriety for enthusiastic backing and canny legitimate guidance. Elham is a carefully prepared master in Identity and Movement Regulation and spends significant time in subjects like evacuation safeguard, guardianship, haven, green cards, visas, and naturalization. She is devoted to holding families together through fruitful portrayal in movement cases across the US.

While still an understudy at the Penn State Regulation Place for Outsiders' Freedoms, Elham played a functioning job in creating movement arrangements explicitly for non-resident wrongdoing casualties, including overcomers of abusive behaviour at home and rape. Due to her celebrated contribution to migration issues, she has been consulted by the Voice of America and different news sources as a movement regulation master..

Elham's charitable effort with the Philadelphia Bar Affiliation got acknowledgment from the Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Affiliation and the City chairman of Philadelphia. As an individual from the New York state bar, she is likewise a functioning individual from the AILA (American Movement Legal counsellors Affiliation) and the IABA (Iranian American Bar Affiliation). Elham is a Chief Panel individual from AILA St Nick Clara Valley, a Warning Gathering individual from AILA NorCal, a Warning Council individual from NorCal IABA, and a Governing body ofIABA Public.

Sadri Law, P.C.
111 N. Market St, Suite 300, San Jose, CA 95113
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