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"Stop Unpaid Wages can help anyone in the state of California recover unpaid wages from their employer. We are the right firm for the job and have extensive experience with the various federal and state labor laws. Remember that it does not matter if you are an undocumented worker as your immigration status will not be investigated. Everyone in California, from fast food workers to creative executives working in cubicles, is afforded various protections under the law. Let us figure out what exceptions may apply or not apply in your case. You’ve already done the work; let us take it from here.

Furthermore, if you have experienced retaliatory action due to having made a complaint about unpaid wages or a labor law violation, we can help you with that case as well. Please call us at 424-781-8411 today and start the process of recovering your lost wages today. You already earned them; now it’s time to get them back!"

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