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Attorneys of Rounds & Sutter LLP in Ventura, Santa Barbara & Westlake Village practice bankruptcy, consumer law & business law.

Helping People in Need Throughout Southern California and the Central Coast
At the Law Office of Rounds and Sutter, the attorneys and their staff provide skills with professionalism, integrity, and value every client.

Why Rounds & Sutter LLP?
Founding partners John Rounds and Randall Sutter both entered into the practice of law for the same reason – to help people in need. Having a similar philosophy John and Randy decided to partner up and start their own firm in 2009. At Rounds and Sutter, our attorneys have helped thousands of clients with their legal matters of Real Estate Law, Business Law, Bankruptcy Law, Consumer Advocacy and Employment Law.

Why Bankruptcy Law?
Things got especially tough in 2007, when many factors came together at once, hitting the average homeowner or small business owner especially hard. America entered the Great Recession, with unemployment levels staying over 8% for years. At the same time came the stock market crash and global financial crisis; many people saw their life savings and retirement funds wiped out overnight. Homeowners were hit the worst. The subprime mortgage crisis and resulting mortgage meltdown yielded wave upon wave of record foreclosures. How did this happen? The housing market, in California especially, became overpriced far out of proportion to realistic home values. In order to help people purchase these overvalued homes, banks and lenders offered low teaser rates of interest that later adjusted, and readjusted and readjusted, always to a higher interest rate. Meanwhile, people capitalized on their investment by purchasing second mortgages and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) to generate disposable income. When the bubble burst and home values fell, people found themselves stuck with mortgages they couldn’t afford tied to homes that were worth far less than what they owed. While all of these factors led people to need the protection of bankruptcy more than ever, just two years earlier Congress had passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA). The effect of this landmark “bankruptcy reform” law was to make bankruptcy eligibility harder for the average person, in particular eligibility for Chapter 7. The attorneys at Rounds & Sutter have been practicing bankruptcy before, during and after BAPCPA and the foreclosure crisis, providing us with the knowledge, skills and experience we need to help people out of their most difficult situations. From bankruptcy protection to defending against foreclosures and predatory lending practices, we are here to put an end to overwhelming legal and financial problems.

Our Attorneys

John K Rounds Photo

John K Rounds

John Rounds is a founding partner in our firm. He has focused on the following practice areas:

Bankruptcy and Consumer Advocacy Law: John has helped thousands of personal and business Bankruptcy Clients. Mr. Rounds has a 20+ year reputation for helping working people and small companies through the most difficult times to get a financial “fresh start”. Options include the complete discharge, structured payments or other negotiated settlement of the most problematic claims.

Business Law: John’s years as a transactional attorney and personal history in buying and selling businesses, results in a prospective tailored to individual owners. From company formation and structure, to start-up capital and private placements, to mergers and acquisitions; John will help you achieve your desired goals.
Real Estate Law: Mr. Rounds assists Clients with property purchase transactions, title issues, investment, development and nearly every aspect of real estate. John received his CA real estate Broker’s license in 1998.

Mr. Rounds also regularly represents clients with criminal charges, civil matters (contracts to family law), and estate planning.

Randall V Sutter Photo

Randall V Sutter

As a founding Partner, Randall Sutter is involved in the daily operations of the law firm with an emphasis in the following practice areas:

Bankruptcy and Consumer Advocacy: Mr. Sutter helps individuals and small businesses develop asset protection strategies and counsels various options for eliminating or restructuring debt and liabilities. Not only is Mr. Sutter knowledgeable in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, but he has also successfully confirmed plans for complicated Chapter 11 reorganization cases.
General Business Counsel: As a business owner and entrepreneur for 25 years, Mr. Sutter brings a unique perspective to helping small business. This business experience combined with his legal expertise allows him to provide effective and understanding counsel to business owners.
Employment Law: Similar to his consumer advocacy practice, Mr. Sutter fights for the rights of an employee that has been wrongly terminated, harassed, or discriminated against. He also assists those employees that have been subjected to workplace wage and hour violations.

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