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The Olson Law Firm focuses on helping protect people's rights. Based in Denver, we're happy to help victims of injuries or workplace rights violations. Reach out today for a free consultation for Colorado personal injury cases.

Olson Law Firm, LLC
2701 Lawrence St UNIT 118, Denver, CO 80205, United States
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Sean Olson

Meet Sean Olson
Sean Olson is much more than just a personal injury lawyer. Sean is an advocate who helps those who are injured navigate our complex legal system. And he is a voice for those who are injured and cannot speak for themselves.

Sean’s desire to help others started long before law school with his childhood soccer coach, who gave Sean three simple rules to find success in life: 1) Build others up. 2) Build others up. 3) Build others up.

Sean took that advice to heart as he followed his path to becoming a trial lawyer. After growing up in a small farming town in Wisconsin, Sean’s journey took him to Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, where he obtained his undergraduate degree in journalism and mass communication.

2701 Lawrence St UNIT 118, Denver, CO 80205, United States
(303) 586-7297
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