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Law enforcement investigations into allegations of federal or white-collar crime are extremely aggressive. It is a common tactic of law enforcement agents to break down the door to your home, without warning, early in the morning, in order to execute a search warrant. This tactic is designed to disorient and frighten you and your family. Federal law enforcement agencies have almost unlimited resources to direct into criminal investigations. By the time you become aware that you or your business are under investigation, that process may already be at an advanced stage.

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Federal Attorney Rammy Barbari is based in Washington, D.C. Attorney Rammy Barbari has expanded his practice areas to include cases involving identity theft, embezzlement, conspiracy, whistleblower representation, and more. He received his Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Political Science and his Juris Doctor from Indiana University Maurer School of Law. If you have been arrested for a federal crime and need legal representation, contact his office today at (202) 517-1610 for a case evaluation.

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