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Denmon Pearlman Law Injury and Accident Attorneys is a full-service personal injury law firm in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our mission is to use the courtroom to fight bullies and Level the playing field for the little guy in a legal crisis. We are personal injury attorneys and trial lawyers in St. Petersburg Florida. We represent people going through the most difficult times. We believe our job is to help you find the opportunity in a bad situation. For our client in a car accident that might mean getting the best medical treatment and securing a cash settlement that will help ease money problems. We hire only experienced, trial attorneys. Just in case you have to go to court for your claim. We handle car accidents, insurance claims, slip and falls, medical malpractice and workplace injury cases. Call the St. Petersburg personal injury attorneys today if you've been injured in an accident. Our St. Petersburg car accident lawyers are here available to assist you with all of your personal injury and accident law matters.

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Managing Partner and Trial Lawyer: Personal Injury, Insurance Claims

Christian Denmon a personal injury and insurance attorney who practices in Courtrooms throughout the State of Florida. He has tried more than 40 cases in front of a jury. He has been recognized by the National Trial Lawyers as a Top 40 under 40 from 2015 till 2020 and as a “Top 100” Trial Lawyer from 2013 to current.

He has been recognized as a “SuperLawyer” for the last four years, a recognition awarded to only 2.5 % of licensed attorneys.

My Story
When I was 8 years old, my two little brothers and I were living with our single mother in an apartment in Buffalo, New York.

Unfortunately, Mom was schizophrenic. Her disease made her see people that did not exist. People she thought were out to get her. To steal us.

I remember we had a wall near the front door with a single nail in it. Maybe it had a picture on it at some time. I remember having to stare at the wall until there were tears in my eyes to “burn off the plastic coating” on my eyes that mom apparently thought would not allow me to see what she saw.

I remember feeling scared. And unsafe.

But soon my grandparents got involved and the authorities caught on. My Dad, a young lawyer in DC came and grabbed us with a police escort on Christmas eve. (He knew Mom was crazy. He didn’t know she had gone crazy). He traded in his studio apartment in the city for a three-bedroom apartment in the DC suburbs.

And… I remember feeling safe. For the rest of my childhood, I felt safe.

I went to the University of Florida (“Go Gators”), then the University of Arkansas for Law School, and then came home to Tampa Bay.

I have an amazing wife who is one of my law partners. I have three beautiful daughters with bedrooms covered in Disney and unicorns.

My clients have been hurt and are dealing with pain. They have damage to their homes or businesses and are seeing just insurance companies happy to screw them over.

I get to help people who are in bad times. I get to deal with the insurance companies so my clients do not have to. I get to make my clients feel safe. And they can always call or text me directly. -Christian Denmon 813-365-3512

  • J.D.- Juris Doctorate
  • B.A.
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