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Attorney Matthew C. Hines founded the Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines in 2004. They specialize in personal injury, car accidents, workers compensation, criminal defense, and more. Located in Atlanta Georgia, at The Exchange Southeast in Building 500, we are centrally positioned to serve the greater Atlanta area. The Law Offices of Matthew C. Hines and their skilled and experienced attorneys have been helping Atlanta residents and the Spanish speaking community in Atlanta defend their rights in civil and personal matters. Our firm handles cases related to criminal defense, personal injury and workers compensation.

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Leading The Atlanta Legal Community With Integrity Since 2004

In October of 2004, Mr. Hines successfully passed the Georgia State Bar Exam. That same year, he founded Hines Law, driven by his desire to serve the Atlanta community as a trusted legal advocate. From the early beginnings of Hines Law, he worked to empower clients with a solid legal defense and effective solutions. Mr. Hines has always practiced with a distinct focus on the person at the heart of the case, seeking to provide help when they need it most. Because of his desire to help clients in need, Mr. Hines elected to build a firm with a wide range of practice areas; including criminal law, personal injury, and workers’ compensation.

In nearly 15 years of practice, Mr. Hines has served on an extensive variety of cases. One of his most memorable and rewarding professional experiences involved a wrongful arrest case, in which Hines Law was able to fight for justice against governmental abuse of power.

In addition to practicing at Hines Law, Mr. Hines and his family also serve the Atlanta community through efforts to support drug-rehabilitation programs, human rights campaigns, and high-quality education.

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