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Built on a solid foundation of excellence, experience, and professionalism, Cox, Rodman & Middleton know that every day is a new set of challenges and a lawyer is only as good as proven by the next case, not the last. Excelling as an attorney means learning and improving every day and treating each client and each case as the unique set of circumstances that each one represents. The practice of law is not a nine-to-five job; it is a 24/7 lifestyle. There is no room in the legal profession for the assembly line treatment of cases or the cookie-cutter handling of clients, which is why our lawyers fully embrace the fact that every client is fighting a different battle and every case provides new challenges. As such, our firm provides each client with high-quality legal advice and representation in a timely and efficient manner. Our firm’s mission is to provide trustworthy, reliable, and comprehensive legal expertise. Our firm’s reputation lives and dies by our dedication to these ideals.

Our Attorneys

Falen Cox

Falen Cox was born and raised in Fairfield, Alabama. She is a product of the Fairfield City Public School system. After graduating high school, she enrolled at Jacksonville State University where she was involved with the Student Government Association (SGA) as a Senator, Parliamentarian, and named SGA Senator of the Year for two consecutive years. She was also elected School Delegation Leader for the YMCA’s Collegiate Legislature. She graduated, with honors, in the spring of 2007, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

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