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I was born in Chicago, Illinois. I graduate of Northwestern University and the University of Illinois College of Law. After my admittance to the Illinois Bar and General Bar, United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, I became an Attorney with the City of Chicago, Department of Consumer Services specializing in consumer law, regulatory law, and municipal law. I served as lead counsel in prosecutions of consumer law, consumer fraud, deceptive business practices, home repair fraud, municipal law, and landlord/tenant cases. In 2007, I became the Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Manager for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), where I managed the company’s EEO discrimination process, investigated discrimination complaints, developed the EEO law training curriculum and served as the Reconsideration Hearing Officer for the DBE and Contract Compliance Programs. I specializes in Business formation, Business Law, Consumer Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property, and Real Estate.

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    Northwestern University
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    Department of Consumer Services
    2020 - Present
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