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If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or worse in a Chicago motor vehicle accident, workplace or construction accident, or some other incident caused by another’s negligence or misconduct, AFW Law Group is here to make sure you are properly taken care of and that you get the compensation you need and deserve after being injured by another’s wrongful conduct. Our office has relationships with some of the top personal injury attorneys in the Chicagoland area. Our goal is to ensure that you reap the benefits of these relationships. We will be the liaison to you receiving effective and efficient legal counsel, and we pride ourselves on serving each client with individualized attention and an eye toward getting results. Our dedicated lawyers are committed to serving the needs of our clients from our initial consultation to the resolution of their case.

A record of enormous success across a range of Chicago personal injury matters
AFW Law Group affiliates with top Illinois attorneys who have the experience and expertise to handle the type of accident and injury in your particular case. Our award-winning affiliated lawyers have collectively achieved more than $750 million in verdicts and settlements for injury victims and their families. Whether your case is large or small, we’ll devote the time and energy necessary to get you the compensation you need to deal with the harm done to you by another’s negligent conduct.

AFW Law Group takes cases across the spectrum of Chicago personal injury matters, including:

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Workplace and Construction Accidents
Medical Malpractice
Products Liability
Premises Liability
Wrongful Death
The lawyers you need to go up against the insurance company and win
If you file a personal injury claim with an insurance company, they are likely to respond in one of two ways. They will either admit liability right away and offer you a quick, cash settlement, or they will drag their feet on the question of liability or how much they owe. When they offer to settle quickly, it is to make the matter go away before you hire a lawyer to represent you. The insurance company knows how much your claim is worth and how much they can convince you to take. When you are hurting, a quick cash settlement seems like an attractive way to get your bills paid and compensate you for the accident, but it is well-known that settlement offers made to unrepresented people are far less than the recoveries successful attorneys achieve. If you take your time, get a lawyer and don’t settle your claim until it is ready, you can get a much better result that better meets both your immediate and long-term needs.

When the insurance company disputes their insured is liable for the accident, or they argue over how much they owe you, then having skilled and experienced legal representation is essential. Insurance companies are known to dispute the medical evidence and hire their own medical examiners to say you aren’t really hurt very bad, or your injury is caused by some other accident or pre-existing condition. They are also likely to pin at least some of the blame for the accident on you for behaving negligently in some way. Any amount of negligence they can shift to you reduces their liability, and it might be enough for them to get out of paying anything at all.

The lawyers with AFW Law Group will connect you with one of our affiliates that knows all the insurance company tricks and tactics, and won’t let them get away with it. Our goal will be to hold responsible parties accountable for the damage they caused, and we have a long record of obtaining substantial, meaningful results for our clients.

Call AFW Law Group for Immediate Assistance with a Chicago-Area Personal Injury Claim
If you or a loved one has been hurt or worse in the greater Chicago area by the negligence of another, call AFW Law Group to discuss your claim. We take cases throughout suburban Chicago and surrounding areas in Cook, DuPage, Will and Lake counties. No case is too big or too small for our firm, and there are no dumb questions you can ask, so call today for a confidential consultation. We are always here for you, ready to listen, work hard and get results.

Our Attorneys

Anthony F. Williams

At an early age I knew that I wanted to be an attorney. Although I never shared it with my peers, in grade school I knew my destiny. I graduated from St. Rita High School. I attended and graduated from Historically Black Colleges (HBCU) for both undergraduate as well as law school. I attended Tuskegee University and Texas Southern University respectively. Attending HBCUs instilled a fight and resilience in me that will forever exist.

I married my beautiful wife and we began to live the American dream. We were living the ideal life. We purchased a house in a beautiful community. We had children that participated in after-school activities in which I was the coach. Life was beautiful. Until tragedy struck. We lost, what I perceived to be, the most important piece to our family’s puzzle. We lost my wife to breast cancer. She was the glue, the rock, the nurturer and the disciplinarian. Her loss always left me yearning for more. Was there something else I could’ve done? Was it something the doctors and nurses failed to do? Who do I turn to help me figure out whether the shortcomings I observed at the hospital were actually malpractice? I had questions. I needed answers; I deserved answers. After a significant period of mourning, I awoke with a renewed mission. A mission for justice. Justice for the injured and the family members that are affected by their injuries.

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