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Babcock Injury Legal counselors is a law office with workplaces in Rod Rouge, LA, and Ruston, LA. Our group of experts gives lawful portrayal to clients confronted with individual injury cases to assist them with battling for their privileges. Our fender bender legal counselors and individual injury legal counselors have our clients on a fundamental level and need to assist them with obtaining the best result.

We realize how decimating the results of a bike, passerby, or boat mishap can be and the cost the wounds can take on the person in question. Because of the need to zero in on recuperation, the harmed individual might have the opportunity and willpower to trail not too far behind the careless gatherings to seek the pay they need.

Our bike mishap attorneys, person-on-foot mishap legal advisors, and boat mishap legal counselors make a solid effort to offer the legitimate help casualties need during such troublesome minutes. We don't fear overcoming forceful respondents to battle for the remuneration our clients merit for wounds supported because of the carelessness of others. We have the right stuff to explore these cases for the benefit of our clients.

In our numerous long stretches of training, we have laid out that working environment wounds are normal, including slip-and-fall mishaps. They might remove the casualty's capacity to acquire or carry on with regular daily existence when they occur. The harms can cause extremely durable incapacity, bringing down the casualty's personal satisfaction and influencing their social, expert, and individual connections.

We have a group of laborers' remuneration legal counselors and slip-and-fall attorneys who can investigate the case and assist clients with documenting a premises obligation guarantee. Our modern mishap legal counselors won't rest until they get a fair settlement to pay for the harm, torment and enduring, lost compensation, and mental misery.

Babcock Injury Attorneys likewise has blemished items legal counselors to battle for the privileges of clients whose risky items have hurt. Our consumer injury attorneys can deal with consuming-related cases supported because of flawed items. These cases can be intricate, taking into account makers retaliate to shield themselves from responsibility, however, we are focused on getting equity for our clients.

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Babcock Injury Lawyers
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Our Attorneys

Stephen Babcock Photo

Stephen Babcock

His training centers exclusively around prosecution and he has attempted cases in state and government courts all through Louisiana. An authorized pilot, Babcock frequently travels to his objections to more productively utilize his time for clients. Despite the fact that he never turns down the opportunity to attempt cases before juries, Babcock is likewise serious areas of strength for an of elective question goal and partakes in intercessions and mediations however much as could reasonably be expected.

His high-profile cases have incorporated an almost $2 million discretion grant for a lodging director against the proprietor of a Hilton Inn. He likewise addressed the athletes' association Ducks Limitless in 1,000,000 dollar government claim including Another Orleans craftsman's prints. Babcock documented movements for outline judgment in U.S. Region Court for the Eastern Locale of Louisiana for the benefit of his client, and the case brought about a deliberate excusal.

Babcock Injury Lawyers
10101 Siegen Ln #3c, Baton Rouge, LA 70810
(225) 344-0911
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