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New Gloucester, Maine accident & injury law firm

Anyone could be suddenly, severely injured by the negligence of an employer, a property owner, a motorist, or a healthcare provider. If you’re injured by someone else’s negligence in any accident scenario, you must be represented by a personal injury lawyer or a car accident lawyer who successfully handles such cases. Attorneys Taylor A. Asen and Benjamin Gideon are trusted by their many clients across New England to handle the most complicated personal injury cases. If you’ve been injured by a company’s negligence or a medical provider’s carelessness, do not offer a statement to the insurance company, do not sign any insurance document, and do not agree to a settlement before you’ve spoken to a personal injury lawyer with Gideon Asen.

Maine personal injury attorney Benjamin Gideon has attained extraordinary outcomes for injury victims, including a $22.5 million courtroom verdict for a victim who had both legs amputated after an industrial accident. For many years, Benjamin Gideon has also worked with other lawyers throughout Maine to help their clients in medical negligence cases, assisting in the recovery of more than $100 million. A native of Maine and a graduate of Yale Law School, attorney Benjamin Gideon has received a number of esteemed professional awards and honors, including a 10.0 rating – the highest – from Avvo, the nationwide lawyer rating service.

Attorney Taylor A. Asen, who is also a Maine native and a graduate of Yale Law School, advocates for injured negligence victims in medical malpractice cases, in product liability cases that involve dangerous drugs or faulty medical devices, and in other personal injury cases. At law school, Taylor A. Asen used his summers to work with the Legal Aid Society’s Civil Law Reform Unit. He advises and aggressively represents those who have been injured by others, and he holds businesses and other parties accountable when they have liability for a client’s injury.

When you are a Gideon Asen client, attorney Taylor A. Asen or attorney Benjamin Gideon will explain your rights, discuss how the injury and liability laws apply in your own situation, and fight effectively for the justice and compensation that an injured victim of negligence deserves. Personal injury victims may recover compensation for medical expenses including projected future medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and related damages. When someone suffers a catastrophic injury or a permanent disability, recovering the maximum available compensation amount may be a family’s only path to affording the long-term care that may be needed.

Most medical malpractice and personal injury cases are settled privately and away from the courtroom. When a lawyer at Gideon Asen represents you in a personal injury case, if a reasonable settlement offer is not forthcoming in the out-of-court negotiations, we’ll take your claim to trial, explain to a jury what happened, and ask that jury to order the payment of your compensation. Contact Gideon Asen, LLC at 207-206-8982 to learn more or to begin the legal process. Our law offices are conveniently located in New Gloucester, Portland, and Bangor.

Gideon Asen, LLC
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Our Attorneys

Benjamin Gideon Photo

Benjamin Gideon

When clients come to us, they are looking for financial compensation. They are often struggling just to stay above water, and they need money to provide safety and security to meet basic life needs and to build a new and better life for themselves and their family in the future.

But for many of our clients, their case is also about something more—something larger—than money. It’s about accountability. It’s about wanting to create a society where individuals, corporations, medical providers and insurance companies don’t get away with selfish, neglectful or greedy choices that put people at risk. It’s about obtaining the catharsis and closure the only comes when justice is done to make up for the precious things that another’s harmful conduct took away from them.

In short, I have come to realize that my clients don’t just want a lawyer. They want a Champion—that is, someone who will fight for them individually, but also be willing to fight for the larger cause for which they stand.

Taylor Asen Photo

Taylor Asen

“Taylor went above and beyond during the entire case. I felt valued, respected and as if I was the #1 and only client he had.” – Adam D., from Winslow, Maine.

Taylor possess a unique combination of intellect, competitive drive, and human empathy that makes him a powerful advocate for his clients. Since entering private practice, Taylor has dedicated his career to championing the interests of individuals who have suffered harm or injury from corporate misconduct, individual negligence, and bad medical care. Taylor’s efforts on behalf of injured Mainers have resulted in several of the largest case settlements in Maine history, including several complex birth injury cases, as well as a host of other medical malpractice and complex personal injury matters.

“Nobody is more committed to his clients than Taylor,” said Ben Gideon. “His mind is always working. It’s not unusual for me to receive a call after midnight from Taylor, wanting to brainstorm about a thorny problem or about case strategy. Taylor is also a gifted legal writer, enabling us our clients to gain the upper hand in motions and briefs submitted to the courts. When it comes to the full range of personal qualities and skills needed to achieve extraordinary client results, there are few lawyers I’ve met who can match Taylor.”

A native of Maine, Taylor is a graduate of Yale Law School. At Yale, Taylor worked in the Veterans Legal Services Clinic, representing veterans who were improperly denied disability benefits. After graduating from law school, Taylor clerked for federal judges in New York City and Newark, New Jersey. Taylor began his career at a plaintiff class action firm in New York, before returning to Maine to represent individual plaintiffs in medical malpractice and personal injury cases.

“The wealthy and the powerful don’t just expect their attorneys to be good. They expect them to be the best,” Taylor says. “We aren’t interested in being ‘good’ lawyers. We expect ourselves to provide our clients representation every bit as good as America’s biggest corporations receive.”

Taylor’s wife, Becca, is an Associate General Counsel at Idexx Laboratories. Taylor and Becca live in Falmouth, Maine and have two daughters, Davida and Vivienne.

Gideon Asen LLC
19 Yarmouth Dr Hall Suite 203, New Gloucester, ME 04260
(207) 206-8982
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