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Planning the future for your family?

You don’t have to be wealthy to need an estate plan. Estate planning specifies who inherits your property and assets at the time of your death, and the process includes planning for your family’s financial security after you’ve passed away. The Minneapolis estate planning attorneys at Stone Arch Law Office help working families and business owners determine their estate planning needs and prepare a plan that meets those needs. If you have a family, or if you own a home or a business, and if you have not started planning your estate, let an attorney with Stone Arch Law Office advise you and walk you through the complicated and confusing estate planning process.

A will, as the term suggests, is a legal document that expresses “your will” – that is, your instructions for what should happen to your properties and assets after you pass away. As long as you live, your will may be modified, and it takes effect only at the time of your death. At Stone Arch Law Office, a Minneapolis attorney can assist you with preparing a last will and testament, and we help with related matters like revising or contesting a will. We listen attentively to make sure that your last will and testament is the accurate expression of your instructions and wishes.

A trust can allow for more complex arrangements and conditions than a last will and testament. For instance, if you want your child to receive his or her inheritance only after finishing college, completing military service, or marrying, you ensure that happens by including those instructions in your trust. And in most cases, a trust will allow your beneficiaries to receive their inheritances directly and avoid the lengthy, costly probate process. While a will takes effect only upon your death, a trust can also deal with issues that may arise if, for example, you become incapacitated.

After reviewing your financial, family, and personal circumstances, an estate planning lawyer at Stone Arch Law Office will help you determine whether a trust or a last will and testament best meets your needs and serves your purposes. Our commitment to you is to put your goals and needs first, return your calls within 24 hours Monday through Friday, fully explain your costs and payment options up-front, and use plain language to help you understand your will or trust. We also guide and advise clients regarding estate planning-related matters that include probate, trust administration, guardianships, and conservatorships.

The attorneys at Stone Arch Law Office offer services for every aspect of planning your estate. Estate planning doesn’t have to be complicated. We know how important preparing the right estate plan can be for you and your loved ones, and our attorneys handle each step of the process with diligence and care to optimize your estate plan’s benefits and advantages. Our offices are located in Minneapolis at 6009 Penn Avenue South. To learn more or to begin planning your estate, schedule a consultation now by calling Stone Arch Law Office at 612-444-5555.

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Attorney Philip John Ruce creates wills and trusts for families who want to feel secure that their loved ones are cared for. Wills, trusts, powers of attorney documents, health care directives, estate taxation planning, probate, trustee, and beneficiary issues.

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