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Langdon & Emison has over three decades of experience in protecting the rights of car accident victims in the Kansas City area. As the victim of an accident, you should be able to concentrate your time and energy on healing. When you work with Langdon & Emison, we can assure you that we will handle the details of the aftermath of your accident so you can give your recovery the attention it deserves and demands. Some people elect to move forward after a car accident without a lawyer on their side. However, we strongly propose at least speaking with a car accident lawyer following a crash. Not only can a lawyer advise you of all of your options but they can also protect your legal right to sue and have the experience necessary to prove liability in your case. We can address your questions, guide you through the claims process, and stand up to insurance companies who try to dodge paying you what you’re owed. If you need legal services, contact us to schedule a free case evaluation today.

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