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Welcome to Gross Welch Marks Clare law firm. We are a leading law firm in Omaha, Nebraska. For nearly a hundred years the law firm of Gross Welch Marks Clare has worked to provide a full spectrum of coverage for all types of lawsuits and legal situations. Gross Welch Marks Clare, represents both individuals, and businesses with compassion and respect, striving for an overarching goal of bringing peace of mind and simplicity to clients.

Our Attorneys

Zachary Lutz-Priefert Photo

Zachary Lutz-Priefert

Zach focuses his practice primarily upon the notion of risk mitigation, and an attempt to obtain the safest and best outcome for his clients. Representing individuals and businesses in both litigation and transactional matters. Zach’s interest and desire to support business stems for watching his both his parents and grandparents, grow successful small businesses along with his time at Nebraska’s Small Business Development Center.

The breadth of Zach’s practice gives him the experience to identify risks and benefits when advising his clients. His casual but confident style allows him to communicate easily with other attorneys in order to bring his clients’ matters to the best possible outcome.

Zach’s adventurous personality and hardworking spirit have led him to try a multitude of cases and bring countless cases to resolution without a trial through his strong negotiation abilities.

Outside of the office, Zach reads voraciously and spends time with his wife and daughter. Zach’s family first mentality in his personal life is why no matter how much pride he shows in his work he is much more likely to brag about his daughter’s growing victories, and to show off his wife’s artwork.

All of these aspects merge into Zach’s practice, his reading sparks a constant desire to grow and improve. His family first mentality seeps into his practice as he sees the growth that the company’s he supports go through.

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