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Nevada Attorneys Dedicated to Getting Results
At Gunderson Law Group, our experienced attorneys take a personalized approach to representing clients. We aren’t just interested in the hard facts and the cold numbers – we care about how the case affects our clients and how the resolution impacts their lives. We do everything we can to protect their interests, including creating the strongest legal argument on their behalf and exploring all the available legal tactics.

Who We Help:

Businesses and Nonprofits
Whether you run a small startup or you oversee a multinational chain of businesses, our experienced Nevada attorneys can help you. We work with businesses that run the gamut from small non-profit organizations on a shoe-string budget to Fortune 500 companies will billions in profits.

If you are just getting started, our attorneys can help you determine the right business structure to meet your goals. Our team will help draw up the proper paperwork and get everything filed correctly so that you start your business on the right legal foundation for future success.
Once you are up and running, we help businesses with things like drafting contracts, reviewing legal agreements, overseeing real estate transaction, planning for business succession, and much more. We also help businesses get work visas for their employees and draw up employment contracts for workers on every level.

Individuals and Families
Individuals and families need legal help more often than they might think. To start, you need a qualified Nevada family law attorney to put together a will or estate plan to ensure that any assets you have remain with your family and that your minor children are cared for in case of your early death. You have spent your whole life building and protecting these assets, whether they include your family home or your great-grandmother’s jewelry collection, and you need to take steps to keep them with your family. Our family law lawyers will help you do just that.
Our attorneys also help families establish guardianships and conservatorships for children with special needs and for incapacitated adults. We help plan for long-term needs to protect family resources and care for these beloved family members. We also help people get visas for family members who live overseas so that the whole family can be together.

Asset Protection
You need an expert Nevada asset protection lawyer to keep your estate safe for you and your loved ones. Our attorneys create trusts and estate plans that protect your assets in case you become disabled or incapacitated, and to protect your family in case of your death.

Business and Corporate Law
The Nevada business and corporate lawyers on our team will help you with every aspect of your business, from choosing the right entity at start up to reviewing your legal documents to creating a succession plan. Consult with us at any point to help protect your business interests and to ensure you remain on solid legal footing.

Business Start-Up
Choosing the right business entity has a big impact on the long-term success of your business. Our Nevada business attorneys can help you understand the options and to select the right entity to meet your long-term goals. Our attorneys will then help you put together and file the proper paperwork. They can also help you with things like liability protection, buy-sell agreements, contracts, and more.

Elder Law
Whether you want to plan for the long-term care of a relative or need to create a special needs trust, our Nevada elder law attorneys can help you. We handle a variety of things related to elder law, including powers of attorney, guardianships and conservatorships, long-term-care planning, and more.

Estate Planning
The Nevada estate planning attorneys at our firm have years of experience helping clients create wills, trusts, and all kinds of estate plans to protect families. Don’t leave your assets to the will of the courts. Create a plan to ensure that your legacy remains with your family.

Immigration Law
Immigration law is becoming harder to navigate as the rules keep changing. The Nevada immigration attorneys at Gunderson Law Group can help. We work on immigration issues for families and businesses, including visa and citizenship cases.

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