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Regardless of every one of the issues you catch wind of in the news, it should be said that the United States of America actually stays a wonderful country. For many years, hundreds of years even, the US has filled in as a permanent spot for individuals from everywhere the world. The variety of our nation has permitted us to proceed to develop and create, tackle current issues, advance human expression and sciences, and for the most part make our country a lot more pleasant spot to live. Sadly, this is marginally counterbalanced by exactly how troublesome and muddled United States migration regulation is. On the off chance that you are hoping to explore the waters of US migration regulation, The Law Office of Nita Kundanmal, P.C. is eager to help. Taking care of all parts of migration regulation in New Jersey, New York, and all through the United States, The Law Office of Nita Kundanmal, P.C, is furnished with the information and experience important to help you on this brilliant excursion you are embraced.

In the event that you are an immediate relative of a U.S resident or a Lawful Permanent Resident then you could request of for movement to the United States through a family-based visa. As the name suggests, this kind of visa is intended to help U.S residents and their families to remain together. Close Relative Immigrant Visas offer relative genuine serenity contrasted with different visas since they are not expose as far as possible. Close Relative Visas come in five kinds, every one of which is chosen relying upon the connection between the U.S resident and the settler being referred to. Mates, unmarried youngsters, vagrants embraced abroad, vagrants to be taken on in the U.S, and guardians of a U.S resident can apply for one of these visas. On the off chance that your relatives are connected in an alternate way, for example, siblings or sisters, then a Family Preference Immigrant Visa might be the most ideal choice. For help in deciding the most ideal choice to bring your family over, connect with the Law Office of Nita Kundanmal, P.C.

For some individuals, movement to America is a hard decision to make since they don't know many individuals here or have family here that can assist them with coming over. For some, they should depend on consular handling. This is the interaction through which you would apply for Lawful Permanent Resident status, or what you might have heard alluded to as a green card. Sadly, green cards are simply passed out to everyone that needs to move. You want to demonstrate to the public authority that there is a valid justification for you to move to the United States. This is most frequently accomplished by having someone support the movement through a request; relatives and businesses are the most often acknowledged. There are ways that an individual could basically support themself, for example, when they are a business visionary or when there is a philanthropic explanation for the migration. For help petitioning for movement, or on the other hand on the off chance that you simply have inquiries regarding the interaction, contact the Law Office of Nita Kundanmal, P.C, and we'll gladly help.

An I-9 structure is a kind of record that businesses are expected to guarantee their representatives have finished, whether or not or not they are residents or noncitizens. This structure is utilized to check the character of the person being referred to, as well as whether they are qualified for work. Businesses are expected to analyze the archives submitted and to decide for themselves assuming that they have all the earmarks of being certified. Records utilized for laying out personality incorporate a US driver's permit, school ID with photograph, US military card, or citizen's enlistment card. Reports that lay out business approval incorporate government backed retirement number cards and US birth endorsements. Some might be utilized to lay out both like a US visa or a long-lasting inhabitant card. Our lawyers can assist you with all parts of I-9 consistence and review status in New Jersey, New York, and all through the United States.

One more crucial practice region that the Law Office of Nita Kundanmal, P.C, can assist you with is DACA. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a migration strategy that permits specific undocumented people that came to the United States as minors to stay away from removal. All things considered, these kids frequently have never known another country other than the United States thus they are more American than whatever else. Notwithstanding, DACA has been enduring an onslaught lately and the eventual fate of DACA and how it affects those safeguarded by it is up in the air. For any inquiries concerning DACA and what the progressions mean for you, contact the Law Office of Nita Kundanmal, P.C. We'll keep you refreshed with the data you want to be aware and search for possible answers for any issues that yield up.

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  • Ms. Kundanmal acquired her Juris Doctorate certification from Brooklyn Law School, New York, in 2002.
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