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Our patent attorneys have worked on hundreds of patent applications over the years, many of which were for companies in the Fortune 500.

Tatonetti IP assists clients in patent procurement, portfolio development, and assessing a client’s business needs at every stage of the patent process. The firm has spent the majority of its time in business representing and writing, prosecuting, and obtaining hundreds of issued patents for Fortune 100 companies. Specializing in providing patent preparation and prosecution services for companies looking to enhance the quality of and make their patents more valuable and threatening to competitors. This is mainly done by providing vibrant and detailed drawings that tell the inventor’s story and crafting varying-scoped independent claims to enhance the patent’s breadth.

Our Attorneys

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Tom Tatonetti patent lawyer New York

Tom provides personalized services to clients by fundamentally understanding the client’s products, their competitors’ products, and the company’s future direction. Such an understanding takes time to acquire but should nonetheless be done on the outside counsel’s own time.

Tom occasionally leverages the increased availability of data and metrics on patent examiners to help determine the best possible strategy to expeditiously advance prosecution.

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(212) 518-6459
(212) 518-6459
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