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David Zwerin

David learned at a young age that nothing great is achieved in life without a relentless work ethic and tireless dedication to excel. David brings these qualities to Hill & Moin, LLP where he has served as the firm’s senior trial counsel since 2016.

David has dedicated his practice to zealously representing hard-working New Yorkers injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. David gained invaluable early experience working closely with the founder of a small plaintiff’s personal injury practice in lower Manhattan, assisting on many matters including a traumatic brain injury case against the New York City Transit Authority where the plaintiff was awarded $16 million dollars.

David believes that all victims deserve a lawyer who truly cares about them and will work tirelessly to secure the best possible result. “Insurance companies will do everything possible to pay an injured victim as little as possible. At Hill & Moin, we carefully review every aspect of a client’s case and determine a legal strategy tailored to give that client the best possible chance to maximize their financial recovery.”

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