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For nearly 30 years, I’ve been representing clients in both criminal and civil courts as a litigator. The depth of my experience began at the Legal Aid Society’s criminal defense division, where I tried cases within months of graduating from New England Law, Boston. I left the Society in 1991 to pursue my own practice, where I originally concentrated in criminal defense, but quickly learned that since I was experienced as a criminal trial lawyer, I could easily handle civil cases too. Since then, I’ve become well-versed in commercial litigation and employment matters representing small to midsize businesses, in addition to criminal defense. I have tried about 100 cases to conclusion, a number that easily surpasses that of most partners in large “white shoe” firms.

In 2008, I joined the firm of Frazer & Feldman, LLP, located in Garden City, New York, where I focused my practice on various aspects of Education Law. I handled federal civil rights cases, commercial matters and employment matters involving tenured teachers. Terminating the employment of a tenured teaching professional is very difficult. The process requires arbitration before a neutral hearing officer who alone decides whether the teacher has engaged in misconduct, and if so, what the penalty shall be. I handled many such arbitrations, which frequently resulted in the termination of incompetent or insubordinate teachers, or of teaching staff who had engaged in other serious misconduct. I also negotiated contracts, including collective bargaining agreements with the teachers’ union and commercial entities, including Verizon Fios and MSG Varsity. I’m well-versed in the law governing school athletics, having represented the Section VIII Athletic Council, the body which regulates high school athletics in Nassau County.

Why should you call me? Because I tell you the truth even when you might not want to hear it. In NYC, if you pay enough money, you can get someone to tell you anything you want to hear. I don’t sell snake oil even if that’s what you want to buy. And I’ve got the experience to know the difference between what’s possible and what’s not, and to make the possible a reality.

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