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MontanaroLaw P.C. understands that your legal needs are varied and always changing. One day you may need assistance with the probate system in order to gain access to your inheritance. The next day sees you get into an accident where you suffer a serious personal injury, and that gives you the push you need to finally get your own estate in order. In just this turn of events, you needed the assistance of a probate attorney, a personal injury attorney, and an estate planning attorney. Trying to find three good attorneys you can trust is difficult. Thankfully MontanaroLaw P.C. is able to offer all of these services (and more), so you don’t have to go hunting for another attorney; MontanaroLaw P.C. is capable of assisting you as your legal needs evolve and change.

When somebody dies in New York, their estate is then managed and distributed based on what it says in their will. Having a will is very important for this reason; a will is basically the last way to exert any control over your estate. Probate is the process in which an estate is brought before the courts and by which assets of the estate are transferred to heirs of the estate. The probate process can be rather time-consuming, especially if an estate has not been planned ahead of time. The probate process can be avoided by careful use of tools like revocable or non-revocable trusts. The probate process can be very exhausting since it occurs at the same time that family members and loved ones are mourning. MontanaroLaw P.C. can help you through the process, though often, the best way to deal with probate is to avoid it in the first place.

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Mark Montanaro

Mark Montanaro leads the firm at MontanaroLaw, P.C., and has customized the firm’s practice to broadly serve the needs of business-minded individuals. Working with young entrepreneurs comprised of artists, producers, internet startups, mobile application developers, and other small businesses, Mr. Montanaro provides not only legal expertise but also a marketing and business strategy to his clients. Mark counsels small businesses and individual clients in connection with complex contract negotiations in areas including real estate, intellectual property, digital media rights, entertainment, software licensing, and business law-related areas, including the purchase and sale of enterprises.

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274 Madison Avenue, Suite 801 New York, NY 10016
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