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Hello, and welcome. My name is Nicole Israel, and I’m here to help you with all of your estate planning goals and needs. I am a Trust & Estates Lawyer in New York and New Jersey.
It’s never easy to take the first step towards planning for everything and everyone you love, but it’s an important aspect throughout life. Estate planning allows you to focus on what’s truly valuable to you and protect the assets and people in your life. However, there are several intricacies that you must consider throughout the process, and I’ll be here to help you understand your options and rights moving forward.
The Law Office of Nicole Israel PLLC is the trusted advisor you deserve. We work to help you make decisions regarding your personal assets, finances, legal matters, and business decisions. You may have thought about your options, but you’ve always wanted someone to handle matters on your behalf. I’ll be the one to guide you through the tasks that you would rather not handle.
It’s my ultimate goal to protect you, your assets, and your family every step of the way. Below, I will help you understand just how important trust & estates planning is, as well as explain the vital aspects to include, how to prepare, and what to expect every step of the way.

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