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If you face severe injuries and property damage caused by a negligent driver, call our Queens personal injury attorneys for compassionate legal representation. Carrion Accident & Injury Attorneys are exclusively devoted to representing those injured due to someone else's negligence.

A car accident in New York City can be an overwhelming experience in your life. There are severe injuries and property damage caused by a negligent driver that can flip your life upside down. You want to ensure everything is taken care of soon after your crash. However, after an accident, achieving peace of mind can be a nightmare, especially when dealing with New York’s complex insurance and personal injury liability laws. Our Queens car accident attorneys from Carrion Accident & Injury Attorneys can fight for financial compensation and work to bring those responsible to justice.

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Dennis Carrion, Esq.

From living in New York most of his life, Dennis has learned to be a fighter. He is no stranger in the business community, resolving conflicts, making deals, and negotiating resolutions which he has perfected over the years. When insurance companies put the interest of profits over people, Dennis fights for his clients to get the financial compensation they deserve. His priority and ultimate resolve are to ensure that insurance companies and negligent parties are held accountable for the damages they have caused.

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