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Ken Maguire & Associates, PLLC was established on August 30, 2012, by Kenneth R. Maguire as sole proprietor, following the closing of Shay and Maguire which was in business from August of 2004 through August of 2012. For the past five years the firm has been and still is incorporated within the state of New York. We currently have seven employees, four attorneys and three support staff. Our office consists of two males and five females.
Mr. and Ms. Maguire are the sole partners of this firm. Our annual revenue historically has been over one million dollars a year.
Our firm strives to represent its clients with the utmost integrity and the strictest adherence to the ethical cannons which govern the practice of law, including but not limited to, conflicts of interest. To that end, for any assignments of legal matters, received by this firm from the County of Nassau, we will utilize our specialized legal software (PC Law) that searches every document for the past 5 years for any potential conflict. This search includes all known parties and addresses that pertain to any matter being assigned to this office. The results of said search are placed within the assigned matter’s file.
While the above is standard for all potential clients and done prior to accepting representation on a matter; for Nassau County, we will add the following, additional and specialized procedures:
1) Our Office will inquire of any prospective candidate for employment as to any connections, family or otherwise, with the County of Nassau. Should any connections exist, and prior to hiring said individual, our firm will contact the County Attorney’s Office to notify the County and ensure that these County connections are fully vetted;
2) There will be no campaign contributions made to any elected County Official, by any attorney employed by our Firm.
3) Neither our Office, nor any attorney of this Firm, has any family relationship and/or business dealings with Nassau County; nor is any relationship of said nature contemplated.
Our attorneys are all registered with the New York State Office of Court Administration as follow:
Mr. Maguire’ s registration number is 17897340 He is admitted to New York State, United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, the Southern District of New York and the Eastern District of New York. In addition Mr. Maguire has received Pro Hoc admissions in the states of Nevada, Utah, Indiana and Florida.
Ms. Maguire’s registration number is 4764809. She is admitted to New York State, the Southern District of New York, the Eastern District of New York and Second Circuit Court of Appeals. In addition Ms. Maguire has received Pro Hoc admissions to the states in Nevada and Indiana
Ms. Bonanni’s registration number is 5100185. She is admitted in New York State and the Eastern District of New York.
Mr. Mehran’s registration number is 4614129. He is admitted in New York State and Connecticut.
Some of our firm’s major accomplishments are listed below:
Olga Anchumdia v Tahl Propp Equities – Our firm was able to successfully obtain summary judgment. The judge found that the defendant’s contractual duty to provide minimal security was satisfied by providing locking doors, video cameras and an unarmed security guard.
Brukha v Seneca – In this 1st Department appeal Ms. Maguire successfully argued that issues of fact precluded plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment, finding that an appraisal done during assessment of the claim could not control what amounts loss were attributable to what causes of loss.
570 Smith v Seneca Insurance – In this 2nd Department appeal our firm argued and won a reversal of a directive that the defendant insurer had to produce documents that it claimed were subject to the attorney-client privilege, unanimously this directive was reversed on the law and facts with costs and the directed was vacated.
Nationwide Insulation & Sales v Nova Casualty Company – Another 2nd Department appeal won. The court granted our client summary judgement, as plaintiff failed to prove that our client had committed bad faith. The court further found that punitive damages are not available in a claim of bad faith.
US District Court v Major Model Management – Our firm successfully obtained summary judgment for our client in a case seeking damages for wrongful termination. The court found that Major Model proffered a legitimate, non-discriminatory reason for plaintiff’s termination – namely the elimination of the plaintiff’s position at the company.
Mr. and Ms. Maguire are active members of the Loss Executives Association and will be jointly presenting Duties Owed to Mortgage and Lien Holders in the Event of a Loss at the June meeting.
Mr. Maguire has lectured for the ABA, the NYBA and NBI.
In addition, Ms. Maguire published Storm Alert – Insurance Coverage issues arising from the Subprime Crisis; For the Defense. May 2008

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