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We usually start our firm bios with a little tidbit about the member and move on from there building a narrative. We’re breaking the mold with Julianne B. Rothert.

We have to start with this: Julianne loves family law – she is completely, utterly, dedicated to every aspect of it and has been since law school.

What does it mean when Julianne loves something? This . . .

Julianne went to Clemson. She loves everything Clemson, especially the football team. How much? Enough to be in labor the night before a Clemson game (note: It was not a playoff game, or even against the top 25, just the regular, old ‘Saturday Clemson beat down of an almost defenseless opponent’ game) and still go to the game. Which she sat all the way through. We think she also probably sat through Dabo’s news conference as well but she won’t confirm or deny that.

Only then did she go to the hospital and give birth. She gives some, grudgingly, credit to her daughter for waiting so patiently.

That then is what Julianne brings the family law.

Here’s what you don’t get – Julianne will never “tell you what you want to hear. I’m not the person to come to if you want to be told only what you want to hear, I’m the person to come to if you want to get it straight. Ask me anything. I’m here for you.”

That out of the way, here’s the rest.

Julianne started out as an accounting major at, well, you know where. After graduation she went straight to Campbell University School of Law where she not only excelled, she found her love of family law.

Julianne was certified as a specialist in family law by the North Carolina State Bar in 2008. In 2011 she was certified as a family financial mediator as well. She frequently serves as a mediator in family law cases, by now you should know how she feels about that. She’s also a Parenting Coordinator, which as you may know, takes the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon.

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