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Not Your Typical Divorce Law Firm — We figure out what is best for you & your family.

Triangle Smart Divorce, Cary, NC - We keep smart people from making stupid mistakes when getting married or divorced.

Considering Divorce? You need someone on your side who cares enough to give it to you straight and understands the complexity of North Carolina divorce laws.

Will you get ‘justice’ in Court? Most often not. The system is overloaded and often cares more about moving cases along than coming up with workable solutions that don't cost a fortune.

We have had it up to here! We know you have, too.

So, let’s do things differently, together. Give us a call today to learn what options you have based on your confidential situation.

Our Attorneys

Jenny Bradley

I have been involved in competitions great and small for most of my life. Softball, math bowl, 80’s trivia, and bicycling (in a way). I like competition. I love games. I get my fill of them . . . on my time. Like everyone who plays any game, I like to win. Like anyone who plays any game, I don’t like losing.

Competition is great, in the proper venue. Family Law is emphatically not the proper venue. Family law is about resolving, fixing, healing, being reasonable, and moving on.

I’ve dedicated my practice to helping people move on – I work with clients in family law matters that include premarital agreements, domestic partnership agreements, separation and property settlement agreements, qualified domestic relations orders, and litigation involving property division, alimony, child support and child custody.

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