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"Sidhu Lawyers specialize in many areas of law, ensuring the people of Halifax obtain only the best personal injury law services available. Our team provides clients with a professional and relentless approach to their legal cases. Sidhu Lawyers works to ensure you have a team that fights for you.

Are you experiencing legal troubles or have questions that need professional legal advice? Our lawyers provide a free initial case review and answer your legal questions. We strive to only provide you with the best experience and team for your legal situation. Sidhu Lawyers are only paid AFTER your claim is settled. Working tirelessly with the community of Halifax to ensure our clients get the results they deserve. Sidhu Lawyers have competitive legal rates and our service is second-to-none. Contact our team in Halifax today. "

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Shawn Sidhu

Shawn Sidhu is the founder and senior partner at Sidhu Lawyers in Halifax, practicing exclusively in personal injury law. Prior to Ng Sidhu Law firm, Shawn completed a Political Science Degree from UBC and achieved an LL. B with honors from the University of Birmingham, England. Upon returning to Canada, he articled with Noreen Collins and was called to the British Columbia Bar.

Shawn began his career working as a personal injury lawyer and has achieved many six figure settlements. He has been a practicing lawyer for the last 9 years. Shawn has focused his practice on personal injury since his admission to the bar. Shawn has dedicated his practice to helping his clients receive a full and fair compensation.

When not working hard for his clients, Shawn enjoys spending time with wife and son. He is also a gym enthusiast and enjoys exercising and playing sports when not preparing for trial.

“Shawn is currently non-practicing”

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