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f you are struggling to pay bills and pay off debts in the Oklahoma City area, help is available. Mitchell & Hammond is a law firm that has helped thousands of clients climb out of debt and get the financial fresh start that they need. The attorneys at Mitchell & Hammond work directly with their clients to explore all of their options for resolving debt and to determine the best way to gain control of their finances. It may seem hard to believe, but there is a way for you to get out of debt. At Mitchell & Hammond, an Oklahoma debt relief attorney will help you find the way out.

Filing for bankruptcy can eliminate many of your debts and help you stop a foreclosure, a repossession, or a wage garnishment. However, bankruptcy is genuinely a last resort. It may not be right for you, and it may not be your only option for debt relief. At Mitchell & Hammond, we’re dedicated to helping clients explore all of their options before determining the most effective way to take control of their finances. An Oklahoma debt relief lawyer will explain the options that are available to you and will help you make the right decisions about your financial future. With our help, you can get your finances back on the right track.

Bankruptcy is a powerful tool for discharging debts and getting a fresh start if you are unable to pay your bills. When you declare bankruptcy, the court issues an automatic stay that protects you from creditors. Collection calls must stop, and creditors are temporarily barred from repossessing your car or foreclosing on your home. Bankruptcy proceedings are complicated, so it is in your best interests to have an experienced bankruptcy attorney stand with you and guide you step-by-step through the bankruptcy process. An attorney with Mitchell & Hammond will make sure that you understand what bankruptcy requires of you and what it accomplishes for you.

Our Attorneys

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Gary Hammond

After more than thirty years of experience, Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorney Gary Hammond has helped countless clients resolve debt problems. From 1992 through 1994 Mr.Hammond served as a Chapter 7 Trustee for the Western District where he administered over 13 thousand bankruptcies cases and is proud to represent people in their time of need with Mitchell & hammOND

At Mitchelle laws firm atty gary hammond provides effective legal representation that works toward ensuring fairness while maintaining affordability.

Mitchell & Hammond
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  • Administered over 13,000 bankruptcy cases
  • Gary Hammond has more than thirty years of experience
Mitchell & Hammond
512 NW 12th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103
(405) 216-0007
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