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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania consumer protection law firm

  • Consumer Protection
  • Business & Commercial Law

The elite legal team at Berger Montague practices a wide range of commercial and civil law, from class action investigations to consumer protection, human rights litigation, and whistleblower cases. Nationally recognized for their ability to handle major complex litigation, they have 50 years of experience and over 65 lawyers representing clients in offices throughout the United States.

Named “Trial Lawyer of the Year” multiple times by The Public Justice Foundation, Berger Montague has an outstanding record of success. Since 1970, they have recovered over $36 billion in settlements and verdicts for their clients in precedent-setting individual and class action cases. They pioneered the use of class actions in antitrust and securities litigation and their work in the areas of credit reporting and background checks ensures that credit reporting agencies access, gather, and process personal information in a fair and law-abiding way, and protect consumers whose rights and privacy have been violated.

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Practice Areas:
- Antitrust
- Commercial Litigation
- Commodities & Financial Instruments
- Consumer Protection
- Credit Reporting and Background Checks
- Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
- Defective Drugs & Medical Devices
- Defective Products
- Employee Benefits & ERISA
- Employment & Unpaid Wages
- Environment & Public Health
- False Claims Act/Qui Tam/Whistleblower
- Government Representation
- Insurance Fraud
- Predatory Lending and Borrowers’ Rights
- Securities & Investor Protection
- Securities Litigation Arbitration
- Technology, Privacy & Data Breach

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