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The Law Office of Bill Nettles is dedicated to helping clients with a range of criminal law cases, including drug crimes and DUIs, as well as whistleblower cases. As a former U.S. Attorney, Bill Nettles has worked extensively on cases involving white-collar crime and public corruption. Now Attorney Nettles operates his own firm where he uses his past experience as US Attorney to better serve his clients. If you are facing criminal charges or need a lawyer with a deep understanding of whistleblower claims, give Attorney Nettles a call to discuss your case.

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John Delgado

My name is John Delgado and I practice criminal defense at the Law Office of Bill Nettles. I have chosen my career path with the influence of my family and religion. Not only do I represent my clients but I advocate for the members of the jury and younger members of the bar. I speak and serve as a faculty member for various trial advocacy groups and attempt to share what I have learned with young lawyers and trial advocates. If you need a lawyer with a wide knowledge of criminal law, or an office that practices whistleblower law give the Law Office of Bill Nettles a call today to discuss your case.

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