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At the point when unexpected conditions happen in your lives, everything necessary is one bold stand to modify your conditions. To allow yourself to be exposed to exploitation is the greatest damage you can do to yourself. We, at Hibbeler and Partners, solidly accept that despite bad form, you ought to set up your most grounded front and battle till you accomplish triumph.

Situated in Clarksville, Tennessee, Hibbeler and Partners is a center for splendid lawyers, who have top to bottom information in their separate regions and hold quite a long while of involvement. In your fight in court, Hibbeler and Partners will continuously act as a safeguard to you and will ensure that each right of your visit is secured. At each step, Hibbeler and Partners will be close by, unfailingly supporting you, directing you, and pointing just for you to win the case.

Our group of legal counselors comprises Family Regulation Lawyers, Separation Attorneys, Kid Care Attorneys, Criminal Safeguard Legal advisors, and DUI/DWI Attorneys. The progress of our attorneys is not set in stone by the bliss and fulfillment of our clients. A series of tributes by our clients features the energy and hostility that we have for every single case.

At the point when individuals from a family drag each other to the courtroom, the whole circumstance turns out to be undeniably challenging to manage. Our Family Regulation Lawyers, having effectively settled a few cases, genuinely accept that family debates should be settled with reasonability and intelligence.

In the event that you are confronting any worry inside your family and taking a legitimate course is the main activity, our Family Regulation Lawyers will help you in documenting a case, present your defense exceptionally impressive, and will guarantee that you arise successful in your fight. Be it a fight in court between life partners, or kin, or on the other hand on the off chance that you are being denied of any of your freedoms, our Family Regulation Lawyers will really bend over backward to get equity in the official courtroom.

Petitioning for separation is an excruciating cycle, both intellectually as well as inwardly. In such a circumstance, you want a legal counselor who can direct you at each step, and simultaneously be sympathetic towards your circumstance. Our Separation Attorneys will deal with every one of the issues connected with your case, and be close by all through your lawful excursion. They will set up every one of the records expected for your situation, vociferously battle for you in the courtroom, and will ensure you are not denied any freedoms.

The simple idea of isolating yourself from your kid is extremely upsetting. Our Kid Care Legal counselors will guarantee that you are not unjustly denied authority or appearance to your kid. They will likewise defend the freedoms of your youngster, and will likewise shield them from an oppressive parent. Our Kid Guardianship Legal advisors manage such cases with responsiveness and care and put in their best undertakings to ensure you win the case.

Having won a few cases, our Criminal Guard Legal counselors are known for their sharpness, significant information, and their enthusiastic treatment of the case. In the event that you have been accused of wrongdoing, our Criminal Guard Attorneys will completely break down your case, assemble all the proof to defend yourself, and will work on any lawful hypothesis that could neutralize your conviction. He will keep you very much educated about each angle regarding the case, keep every one of your discussions secret, and make sense of you exhaustively the minutest of improvements for the situation.

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Our Attorneys

Wayne D. Hibbeler Photo

Wayne D. Hibbeler

Mr. Hibbeler is educated and very much regarded preliminary lawyer in Clarksville and centers his training around common regulation, criminal regulation, family regulation, adolescent regulation, military regulation, and transit regulation. He was confessed to the Tennessee State Bar in 2005, and he is a glad individual from the American and Montgomery Province Bar Affiliations.

Today, Mr. Hibbeler has secured himself as a legitimate lawyer and leads the criminal guard practice of our firm. He comes from a nearby Stronghold Campbell military family. He additionally joined in and moved on from secondary school in Clarksville.

  • Austin Peay State University, 2001
  • Bachelor’s of Science degree in Public Management with a concentration in Criminal Justice
  • Creighton University, 2004
  • Wayne Hibbeler received an award from the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys for the 10 Best Attorneys in Client Satisfaction for 2016.
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136 Franklin Street, Suite 200, Clarksville, TN 37040
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