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Plano, Texas criminal defense law firm

Dallas criminal lawyer J. Michael Price II and his criminal defense team have successfully defended a vast assortment of criminal matters including drunk driving, possession of drugs and other controlled substances, narcotics sales, theft, white-collar fraud, conspiracy, computer crimes, and sex offenses.

When arrested for a criminal allegation, whether on a first time or subsequent basis, the shock, anxiety and multitude of concerns racing through your mind can be stifling. How will my family, career and life be affected? Who can really help me at this point?

Mike is known for providing the highest level of knowledge, artistry and understanding in this difficult time of your life. He is sought after for his concise and accurate information on all levels of the court proceedings. Your dilemma becomes his personal crusade. Your confidences are strictly adhered to and you, as an individual, will receive the respect and care required during this stressful time.

In order to defend your rights he has designed a team defense, aggregating and deploying lawyers, paralegals, investigators, and staff according to their skills and the case-facts. To assist us, we have on-call a pool of private investigators, trial consultants, and forensic experts (criminalists, photographers, engineers, physicians, and forensic psychiatrists to name just a few). We seek to meet the prosecutor fact for fact. Our strengths lie in preparation, investigation, motion practice, and ultimately trial presentation.

We have a collaborative relationship with our clients, who are encouraged to actively participate in their defense, help gather information, and organize it for trial. To contend with the technological demands of the 21st century courtroom, we a have a state-of-the-art multimedia room for trial preparation and exhibit design. Being charged with a crime is an embarrassing and life-changing moment for anyone. The most important factor in choosing a criminal defense attorney is developing a personal one-on-one relationship. Do I trust this person with my freedom, family, career? Is this person a seasoned, certified, experienced trial lawyer that can fight for me? Does he have the resources, office space, support staff, facilities, and technology to compete against the government in the 21st Century? Or is he still stuck in the past?

We fight to defend the rights of people arrested and accused of criminal offenses, handling all types of criminal cases -- from minor infractions and misdemeanors to the most serious felony indictments -- with personalized and confidential attention. Complete trust and confidence in your attorney is of the utmost importance. Mike strives to find out the entire picture of his client: their background, family, career, and future in order to better represent them and see them through the difficult time of being accused of a crime. It is in this way that the best resolution possible can be had in every case. Any criminal arrest and charge effects the freedom, employment, health, family, finances, and future life and career options of each of our clients. This burden is not taken on lightly.

While many of Mike's colleagues like to focus on their past experience as a prosecutor or judge, Mike stays focused on achieving results in the courtroom.

"The best lawyer to defend a person accused of a crime is an attorney who has devoted his entire career to defending the rights of people rather than trying to put people in jail or prison."

Mike has handled over 3,000 criminal cases since 1995. He has prosecuted none. These cases have ranged from simple misdemeanors, DWI's, assaults, drug possession, grand jury representations, rapes, robberies, and complex white-collar federal investigations. This wealth of experience has come from where it matters the most: The Defense side of the table--Representing persons accused of a crime. Mike has a firm belief that the only way to handle a criminal case successfully is to investigate and prepare every case as if it were going to be tried in front of a jury. By doing this, every case gets fully investigated and the best resolution for every client can be achieved, even if the case does not ultimately end in a trial. Most "Former Prosecutors" are not skilled and experienced in criminal defense law, cross-examination, defense experts, or investigating a case from the defense prospective. Even prosecutors that have been 'criminal defense lawyers' for many years sometime never lose their 'everyone's guilty' mentality. This is a huge gamble to take when you are considering the effects of a criminal charge on your freedom, family, and career.
Aggressive, Experienced, & Trusted Board Certified Criminal Attorney At Your Service at the law office of J. Michael Price II. We Understand The Delicate Nature Of Custody Cases. Our Plano criminal defense attorney know how much is at stake and are here to help you fight. Call us for a free consultation at 214-765-8000.

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