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San Antonio, Texas accident & injury law firm

Pelaez PLLC Law Firm is a well-known law firm that provides legal representation to clients in personal injury cases in San Antonio, Texas. Our personal injury attorneys are committed to achieving the most favorable outcome when claiming personal injury compensation. Our years of experience and expertise in negotiation tactics give us an advantage in protecting the rights of our clients.

Our attorneys negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of clients to determine the amount of compensation they are entitled to. Victims of car, motorcycle, carpooling, bicycle and pedestrian crashes can contact our car accident attorneys, motorcycle accident attorneys, carpooling attorneys, and bicycle accident attorneys.

We have compassionate pedestrian accident lawyers who know how dangerous an accident can be, so we invest our resources in helping them hold the negligent party accountable for their actions. Victims of car accidents often have a hard time recovering from their injuries and the last thing on their minds is taking legal action.

The situation of a truck accident victim could be even more critical. Even though commercial vehicle drivers have higher standards and stricter guidelines for safe driving, life-altering accidents still happen. Victims can suffer costly injuries, and medical bills can spiral out of control.

Whether you're involved in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, tractor, trailer, van, bus, dump truck, service vehicle, or ambulance, our San Antonio truck accident attorneys can help. We strive aggressively to ensure our customers receive the financial compensation they deserve to help cover their hospital bills and living expenses.

The challenge for plaintiffs is that insurance assessors often try to mislead them by not paying the damages they are entitled to. Our personal injury attorneys in San Antonio know this, so we use our expertise and fight until our clients get what they are legally entitled to. We are happy to address your accidental damages and help you understand your legal rights and options.

We are passionate about helping construction workers and oil rig workers. This job presents a variety of hazards that put workers at high risk of catastrophic injury, including spinal and brain injuries. Construction accident lawyers, oil rig accident lawyers, disaster injury lawyers, and brain injury lawyers can work together to help victims.

Our law firm can investigate the case to determine liability and file a claim. Potential losses we can help clients recover from include medical bills, emotional trauma, loss of earning capacity, loss of consortium, and ongoing pain and suffering. We believe that it is not necessary for victims to suffer silently for injuries caused by the negligence of others.

In our practice, we also support clients in asserting liability claims. Property owners have a legal obligation to keep their property safe, but they are sometimes negligent. Shortages in place can lead to slip-and-fall accidents with disastrous consequences and sometimes even death. Slip and fall attorneys, civil liability attorneys, and wrongful death attorneys can help.

Manufacturers are also responsible for ensuring that their products are fit for purpose before shipping them to consumers. Unfortunately, faulty electrical devices can cause burns to consumers through no fault of their own. Likewise, faulty medication can have lifelong consequences that can be expensive to treat. We have Product Liability Lawyers, Burning Lawyers, and Drug Defects Lawyers to investigate cases.

In addition to determining liability, we may also initiate litigation on behalf of victims to help them reach a fair settlement. Depending on the circumstances, victims may be entitled to compensation for a variety of losses, including medical bills, lost wages, scars, and pain and suffering.

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Our Attorneys

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Sasha Begum

Sasha Begum has huge experience both at top level law offices and as in-house corporate direction to a public monetary administrations organization. She is an astute lawyer with experience in both homegrown and worldwide corporate value-based matters. Ms. Begum has demonstrated abilities in exchange, and can lead business and arrange consistently in both English and Spanish. Further, she uses sharp scientific abilities and a solid business foundation to offer extensive and dependable lawful insight. A significant legal counselor, who more than once recognizes potential new business open doors, adding to the general development of a venture.

  • Sasha has been named by SA Scene Magazine as Best Personal Injury Attorney in San Antonio, Texas.
  • American University Washington College of Law, J.D. Law 2002 - 2006
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