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who have been unjustly harmed. At Khan Injury Regulation, you're not simply one more client. You are an individual who has gone through a hard encounter and is hoping to utilize anything that is available to make things right. We accept that you ought never to need to pay for someone else's carelessness. In the event that you have been hurt by an illegitimate or careless demonstration, you merit equity, and we endeavor to assist you with achieving that equity.

Building sites are the most common source of workplace injuries. On the off chance that you consider the number of possible dangers that are at even the smallest building site, you can without much of a stretch see the reason why they are so frequently dangerous. There are various ways of being harmed on a building site, like slip and fall mishaps, forklift mishaps, crane mishaps, raise mishaps, electric shocks, being trapped in or between hardware, monotonous pressure wounds, channel mishaps, and openness to dangerous materials—and that's just the beginning. Truly, that is simply starting to expose what's underneath.

Wounds can range from minor cuts and bone fractures to horrific mind wounds, inside wounds, removals, and much more. Because development mishap wounds are frequently severe, they address a few costly harms in lost compensation, hospital expenses, and ongoing care costs. Contact Khan Injury Regulation for a free conference to figure out how we can assist you with recovering what you've lost.

When contrasted with construction site mishaps, canine nibbles appear to be a little concerning. In any case, canine nibbles can be serious. Being bounced on, lashed out at, or completely nibbled and gone after by a canine is perhaps the most unnerving experience you can have. Minor canine nibbles may result in minor injury and a mild fear of canines charging ahead, but canine chomps are frequently very severe wounds. A canine chomp can cause long-lasting scarring, distortion, significant blood misfortune, cracked bones, inside wounds, mental wounds, contamination, and infection. That last point is particularly significant. Many individuals think canine nibbles are basically actual wounds that you treat with gauze and perhaps a few lines. Be that as it may, a canine's mouth is swimming with frightful microbes.

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Khan Injury Law
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Our Attorneys

Khalil Khan Photo

Khalil Khan

Is it true that you were harmed in a mishap in Washington? Feeling worried and overpowered by the force of the situation is ordinary. You are in good company. Khalil Khan is an enthusiastic, proficient individual physical issue legal counselor with broad experience pushing for the privileges of casualties. He established the Khan Law Office with a promise to give customized and results-driven legitimate support to individuals and families who need assistance the most—not to the huge insurance agency.

Khalil is conversant in English, Punjabi, Urdu, and Hindi. He is open to bantering with clients in the normal language in which they are generally agreeable. Our own law office additionally has individuals available who communicate in different dialects, including Spanish, Mandarin, and Vietnamese. Driven by Khalil's energy and care for clients, we put an accent on making the individual injury claim process as simple and tranquil as could really be expected.

  • Khalil is a long-time member of the Washington State Bar Association and the Washington Association for Justice. 
  • He is admitted to practice law in Washington State and in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington (federal court).
Khan Injury Law
6951 Martin Luther King Jr Way S #229, Seattle, WA 98118
(206) 589-8958
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