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Hinkle Law, PLLC hosts top-rated bankruptcy lawyers and family law lawyers in Martinsburg, WV, Hagerstown, MD, and Charleston, WV. We provide legal support for clients with family and financial issues. These issues can be challenging and threaten the stability of the affected person's life, but we never want our clients to feel like they're fighting a losing battle.
Our family law lawyers focus on aggressively defending the rights of parents and children when faced with various family issues. We strive to create a fair and level playing ground for the parties involved by providing legal counsel and the necessary resources for the best chance at success. We also understand how devastating and emotionally draining some family issues can be.
In the wake of a divorce, families experience significant financial strain. They may not know or have the resources to navigate complex legal issues. Our Martinsburg, Hagerstown, and Charleston divorce lawyers understand the uncertainty, so we work diligently to quell the fears while establishing a solid legal framework to help our clients win.
We want to create room for our clients to work on rebuilding themselves by being the pillar of support they need through the hardship and complexities of these legal issues. A divorce can be challenging for anyone, whether contested or uncontested. The situation gets more complicated if there are child custody and alimony issues that must be resolved.

Hinkle Law, PLLC
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Our Attorneys

Donna Jensen

Donna joined Hinkle Law in 2009 as a Legal Assistant focusing on bankruptcy cases. Donna is highly knowledgeable about bankruptcy and her desire to serve our clients is second to none. Donna, like everyone at Hinkle Law, cares about our clients and works hard to help them through the bankruptcy process as a Case Administrator.

230 W King St #3212, Martinsburg, WV 25401
230 W King St #3212, Martinsburg, WV 25401
(304) 592-4609
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