Tony Munter is a whistleblower, Qui Tam attorney in Washington, DC. Contact him to set up a free consultation.

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Business & Commercial Law

About Tony Munter

Tony Munter represents the individuals who report fraudulent claims made against federal and state government agencies. Mr. Munter has extensive experience in "qui tam" law which protects the rights of whistle blowers.

To date, the government has recovered millions of dollars from cases he filed, including those against major corporations, contractors and other businesses. Because of his extensive knowledge on the subject, Mr. Munter has been invited to seminars across the country and around the world to talk on the subject of whistle blower law.

Exposing fraud can be overwhelming but he wants to be there to support any individual trying to do the right thing. Contact him to see how he can help you.

Employment History

  • Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto
    2004 - 2012


  • Juris Doctor
    Massachusetts School of Law
  • Bachelor of Arts
    McGill University